A lawyer must to communicate with his or her client on a regular basis.  However, legalese is a “no-no”. Your lawyer should speak to you in frank layman’s terms.  A client must understand what is going on in your


Credibility is, the foundation of trust. A dignified level of trust with clients, judges, jurors, adjusters and opposing counsel is essential for effective representation of a client. Credibility is an acquired skill that is earned over

Civility ~ Professionalism

The essence of litigation is an argument between two sides (think” War of the Roses). If civility prevails, the dispute does not have to be a confrontational and emotionally draining matter.


During the course of a trial or other legal matter (like Elder Care, Medicaid or Estate Planning), a lawyer makes multiple decisions and assessments of enormous magnitude about legal risk, client goals, case outcome, and

Professional Assistance

Attorneys perform many varied functions. Legal fees are based upon a lawyer’s experience, the degree of difficulty involved in a legal manner, the client’s expectations and numerous other factors including the level of control that client seeks to exert in his or her case.

  • Lawyers provide consultation, legal information and legal advice,
  • Clients consult lawyers to review both legal and non-legal documents which may have significant implications for the client in his or her business or personal life,
  • Lawyers offer mediation, arbitration, and other services,
  • When necessary, lawyers prepare documents for a client’s legal matters such as contracts, real estate titles, wills, trusts, financial power of attorney’s, medical power of attorney’s, etc.,
  • Clients hire lawyers to negotiate business and personal matters,
  • as well as represent clients in court, at arbitration or mediation, and at administrative Law hearings,
  • Assist client file claims with his or her health insurance, workers compensation insurance or automobile insurance to have the clients medical bills paid,
  • Assist filing claims to have a vehicle repaired in an automobile accident case,
  • When necessary, help with securing a rental car and managing property loss claims,
  • Obtain a client’s medical records and bills, and secure the clients lost wage information needed to file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company,
  • Advise clients regarding VA Benefits, Medicare Benefits and Medicaid benefits,
  • Assist client’s filing for VA Benefits, Medicare Benefits and Medicaid Benefits
  • Advise our senior citizens and their families regarding Elder Law Provisions,
  • Make Estate Planning recommendations to preserve assets so that our senior citizens can leave a legacy for their children,
  • File civil lawsuits, probate matters, VA, Medicare, Medicaid applications and other legal forms
  • And generally be available to answer client’s questions and solve his or her problems.
  • What lawyers really offer (often called “sell”) is what The Danda Law Firm refers to as legal insurance.  Talking to a lawyer and reaching a satisfactory resolution provides the client with peace of mind.  

Law is more art than science, yet seeking the advice and counsel of an attorney, weighing and balancing the pros and cons of a complex situation and ultimately making a reasoned and logical decision offers many clients the ability to sleep at night. In my mind sleeping-at-night is really piece-of-minded.

“In a song titled “The Bug”, Mary Chapin Carpenter sang the following verse:

Sometimes you're the windshield
Sometimes you're the bug.
Sometimes it all comes together baby
Sometimes you're just a fool in love.
Sometimes you're the Louisville Slugger
Sometimes you're the ball.
Sometimes it all comes together
Sometimes you're gonna lose it all.

Sure, everybody wants to win and everybody wants to win every time. In life, it doesn’t work that way. What lawyers offer clients is trust. The trust is not necessarily in the outcome. The trust is in doing everything possible to help the client overcome the problem at hand.

Often a lawyer’s most satisfied clients are not the people who won their case, or had the deal closed.  Certainly, the winners are happy. However, clients who speak the most highly about their lawyer are the clients who received peace of mind from his or her attorney. These clients experienced the trustworthiness that their lawyer understood and experienced their legal difficulty firsthand and sought to help them overcome that legal burden they faced.

The Danda Law Firm is available to be your attorney and will represent you to the full extent under the law and provide you with a just and fair solution to your legal matter. There is no charge for an initial telephone consultation. 

Plus, we are aware of time constraints on clients.  Thus, we will meet with you at home or the place of your choice.  The Danda Law Firm is located in Metro Atlanta which allows us to conveniently serve you in Metro Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia.

The lawyers at The Danda Law Firm have been resolving legal issues in Atlanta and throughout Georgia since 1979.  Call our office at 770.938.0977 or 800.983.8720.