A lawyer must to communicate with his or her client on a regular basis.  However, legalese is a “no-no”. Your lawyer should speak to you in frank layman’s terms.  A client must understand what is going on in your


Credibility is, the foundation of trust. A dignified level of trust with clients, judges, jurors, adjusters and opposing counsel is essential for effective representation of a client. Credibility is an acquired skill that is earned over

Civility ~ Professionalism

The essence of litigation is an argument between two sides (think” War of the Roses). If civility prevails, the dispute does not have to be a confrontational and emotionally draining matter.


During the course of a trial or other legal matter (like Elder Care, Medicaid or Estate Planning), a lawyer makes multiple decisions and assessments of enormous magnitude about legal risk, client goals, case outcome, and

Initial Consultation

Generally accident and injury clients do not pay lawyer fees at the beginning of their case. Personal injury lawyers earn nothing unless they win. It is an all risk practice for personal injury lawyers. So, the free initial office consultation in an accident and injury case is merely an extension of contingency nature of personal injury cases.

When a lawyer offers a free consultation, the attorney’s goal for the meeting is 1) to meet with you, 2) to listen and learn the basics of your legal issue, and 3) to provide you with his or her initial thoughts about your potential case at no charge to you. An initial meeting provides you with the ability to "interview" an attorney.  At the same time, the lawyer has the opportunity to observe your character and behavior.  Plus, he or she has the ability to evaluate the facts of your potential case, to make an initial assessment of your case, and consider the potential value of a case like yours. At the end of the initial consultation you, the prospective client, are under no obligation to retain the lawyer and you are free to decide whether or not you want to hire this lawyer.

In many other legal areas, lawyers charge a flat fee or an hourly fee.  For matters of this nature, lawyers often offer a 30 minute telephone consultation. Many prospective clients feel victimized or wronged by what they perceive as either a civil case or a crime. In life there are many actions that trouble us emotionally, however, the facts often do not rise to the level of a legal cause of action. Calls of this nature saves a potential client and the lawyer a great deal of time and, for the client, a considerable amount of frustration.

Even if the attorney and prospective client decide not to enter into an attorney-client relationship, the lawyer who has had discussions with a prospective client shall not use or reveal information learned in the consultation, except as permitted by State Bar Rules and Federal and State Laws.

Whether an initial consultation is 1) paid, 2) free, or 3) charged at a reduced rate, the initial consultation between a potential client and a lawyer is always confidential.

If you decide to have an initial consultation with an attorney about a potential claim, do not waste your time and do not waste the lawyer’s time. Your job is to be prepared for this meeting with a short and concise explanation of the facts you believe form the basis for your legal complaint.

Like the opening to “Mission impossible” prepare for your consultation with the lawyer like “should you decide to take the mission”.  Time is money for both of you. Your preparation will allow an attorney to understand and offer solutions to your legal issue quicker. If you elect to enter into an attorney-client relationship, your preparation could result in savings to you.

Bring your documents – all of them. Make copies of your documents to give to the lawyer. Your documents should be organized. Do not bring documents in envelopes that were stamped by the Post Office in 1969. Have your papers in chronological order.

Getting organized means making an outline of the issues in your case! Write all questions you wish to ask the attorney. If you leave this consultation without asking an important question you may have wasted your time. Lawyers need to know all the facts in order to make intelligent decisions regarding your potential case.

It should go without saying; but dress professionally. Part of a lawyer’s evaluation of the case is how you will present to a judge, jury, mediator, defense counsel, adjuster or any other person involved in resolving your case.

Like Grandma said “Be Honest”. Although it is human nature, do not sugarcoat your case. Every case has pluses and minuses. Give your lawyer all the facts and let him or her to decide the strength of your case. Remember: the attorney you are meeting with cannot reveal what was talked about at this consultation.

Talk money. If your matter is a flat fee or an hourly fee case be prepared to talk money. Your lawyer is in business to make a profit and he or she will certainly want to talk about money.  Any attorney-client relationship should be reduced to writing including the part about money.

Ask questions. In legal matters the only “stupid question” is the one you don’t ask. The answer to that question could have a significant negative impact on your case.

If you do enter into an attorney-client relationship, read all documents carefully and completely before signing those documents. Before you sign any document, ask the lawyer to fully and completely explain to you in “layman’s terms” what you are signing. If you do not understand the terms of the document you are being asked to sign, ask your lawyer to explain it to you again. If you still don’t understand the terms, go see another lawyer to explain the document to you.

Keep your own file on your case. The Danda Law Firm sends of all documents received in your case or prepared and submitted in your case to you for your file. You will also receive a copy of the Retainer Agreement.

Listen to your lawyer. When football coaches are evaluating talent in athletes, a big concern for coaches is whether or not the player is coachable. Be a coachable client. Listen to your lawyer. Do what he or she asks you to do. It will be to your advantage. Your goal in your lawyer’s goal should be a successful resolution to your case.

The Danda Law Firm is available to be your attorney and will represent you to the full extent under the law and provide you with a just and fair solution to your legal matter. There is no charge for an initial telephone consultation. 

Plus, we are aware of time constraints on clients.  Thus, we will meet with you at home or the place of your choice.  The Danda Law Firm is located in Metro Atlanta which allows us to conveniently serve you in Metro Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia.


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