Q. What if the "at-fault" driver does not have insurance?

You file your claim against your insurance company under your Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage. For all practical purposes, your insurance company becomes the "at-fault" driver's liability carrier. At that time, think of your insurance company as the "at-fault" driver's company, because it will process your claim like it is the "at-fault" driver's company. Hopefully, you have UM coverage. In the case of a severely injured person who requires extended hospital care, his or her medical bills may be several times the liability limits on the "at-fault" driver's vehicle with average coverage. By some estimates, one in four drivers are uninsured. Everyone should have adequate UM coverage. If the uninsured "at-fault" driver hits a car in which you are the passenger, it is your UM coverage that will handle the claim. If your injuries are significant, it may be possible to "stack" insurance.