Q. I have "full coverage". I'm protected, right? What exactly is "full coverage"?

A lot of people believe they have "full coverage" on their cars. Each one of them probably has a different understanding of what "full coverage" means. Generally, all states require that every vehicle on the road have a minimum amount of Liability coverage. Each state sets its own standard with minimum coverage generally beginning at 15/30/15. Some people only have "Liability" coverage, which they may incorrectly believe to be "full coverage" because their agent told them you are fully covered under the law. Other people assume that Liability coverage plus some additional coverage is "full coverage". To these people "full coverage" may mean having a little amount of each type of insurance coverage available. Other types of coverage include Collision, Comprehensive, Theft, Towing, Rental, Medical Payments, and Uninsured Motorist, to name a few. Whatever your definition, "full coverage" may not mean full protection.