20 or more years ago the Georgia Insurance Commissioner sponsored a bill in the state legislature which terminated No-Fault coverage (PIP) in Georgia. Drivers were left with the decision whether or not to purchase Med-Pay coverage. If you have Med-Pay coverage, you have the ability to have your medical bills paid to the limits of the coverage you purchased. In our experience only a minority of Georgia drivers have purchased Med-Pay and of those with Med-Pay coverage only a modest amount was purchased. For people with serious injuries as a result of an automobile accident medical bills may be several thousand dollars.

In this instance, you must rely on your health insurance coverage or Medicare to pay your medical bills. Sadly, for extended periods when you are unable to work your options to maintain your home and support your family are short-term disability, long-term disability, savings or other private options. The Danda Law Firm in understands an injury is personal and can impact the entire family. We are prepared to immediately take action on your behalf and relieve you of the burden of dealing with the insurance company and the at-fault party who caused your injuries. The Danda Law Firm is available to be your attorney and will represent you to the full extent under the law and provide you with a fair recovery which can only be authorized by you. There is no charge for an initial consultation. Plus, we are aware that you were injured and that your car has been damaged and may not be drivable. Thus, we will meet with you at home, in the hospital or the place of your choice. The Danda Law Firm is located in Metro Atlanta which allows us to conveniently serve you in Metro Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia. The lawyers at The Danda Law Firm have been helping injured people in Atlanta and throughout Georgia recover their just financial compensation since 1979. Call our office at 770.938.0977 or 800.983.8720.