Medicaid & Medicare

Medicare and Medicaid ~ what is the difference? Medicare is a “threshold” program. When a person becomes age 65, he or she is automatically eligible for the Medicare health insurance program established by Congress. Medicaid is a “needs-based” program. Medicaid is federal money given to each of the states. Each state, like Georgia, establishes the terms under which a Medicaid recipient qualifies for aid.


If a senior citizen developed a worst-case scenario and is unable to take care of himself or herself due to a stroke, Alzheimer’s or other catastrophic medical condition, the Medicaid program becomes a viable option. However, there are specific terms and rules regarding eligibility. Applying prematurely can be a costly mistake for a senior and his or her family.

At Danda Elder Law we assist seniors and their families’ secure Medicaid coverage in the event “mom or dad” unfortunately require full-time assistance at a Skilled Nursing Facility.

Are You Eligible for Benefits?

Medicaid benefits are paid directly to healthcare providers, hospitals, and nursing homes. If you are Medicaid eligible, Medicaid may pay for your medical bills, nursing home expenses, and rehabilitation costs. However, in order to receive such assistance from the Medicaid program, you will be required to meet the strict income requirements and qualify under the one of the program's eligibility groups. At Danda Elder Law we know the importance of appropriate medical care, and we well aware that medical treatment is often very costly, especially when a Skilled Nursing Facility is required. Danda Elder Law’s purpose is to secure Medicaid approval for our seniors to cover the financially crippling expense associated with the care required at a Skilled Nursing Facility.

Danda Elder Law offers assistance with:

  • Pre-Medicaid planning
  • Medicaid denials and appeals
  • Nursing home planning

One difficulty is that to be effective Medicaid Planning must be done early. Letting the next generation, i.e. your children, takeover is extremely difficult for the “Greatest Generation”. The Greatest Generation survived the Great Depression and won WWII. They didn’t ask for help; they came to help. It’s in their nature to want to do it themselves now. I honor and respect that quality in our seniors. Unfortunately, in this area of the law it is generally considered to be both poor financial planning and poor estate planning.

Act Now

The sooner you involve Danda Elder Law as your Medicaid attorney, the opportunity you have to qualify for Medicaid and increases as well as your opportunity to provide a legacy for your family. Please contact Danda Elder Law now to discuss your Medicaid eligibility and your planning options.

Danda Elder Law Firm in understands that when a family member requires full-time care his or her needs impact the entire family. We are prepared to immediately take action on your behalf and relieve you of the burden of dealing with Medicaid qualifying process and allow you to focus on the care of your loved one.

Danda Elder Law Firm is available to be your attorney and will represent you to the full extent under the law and provide your family with the resources necessary to maintain your loved one's dignity. The charge for an initial consultation is credited to your professional fee when you elect to have our firm represent your beloved senior citizen. 

Plus, we are aware that your time is limited by your responsibilities to your own family and as a caregive.  Thus, we will meet with you at home, in the hospital or the place of your choice.  The Danda Elder Law Firm is located in Metro Atlanta which allows us to conveniently serve you in Metro Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia.

The lawyers at Danda Elder Law Firm have been helping people in Atlanta and throughout Georgia recover their just financial compensation since 1979.  Call our office at 770.938.0977 or 800.983.8720.

*Accredited, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

I am David Danda.

When my father’s Alzheimer’s no longer allowed him to stay home and my mother faced a $7,000 a month nursing home bill, I founded Danda Elder Law.  

I help seniors reduce the crippling financial effects of long-term care on their families through Medicaid Planning and VA Benefit Applications, so that our Seniors do not out live their money and so that our Seniors can leave a financial legacy for their families.

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