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I am David Danda.  When my father’s Alzheimer’s no longer allowed him to stay home and my mother faced a $7,000 a month nursing home bill, I founded Danda Elder Law.

I help seniors reduce the crippling financial effects of long-term care on their families through Medicaid Planning and VA Benefit Applications, so that our Seniors do not outlive their money and so that our Seniors can leave a financial legacy for their families.


In many cultures, age is venerated.  Growing old should be considered a gift.  Old age means increased time here on earth and it means you are alive. As we age we should sage. For most of us, life is not a matter of a it is a matter of “quality of life”. Thus, as we age our needs change.  Quality of life, health, mobility, memory, etc. are just a few of the factors that create the need for us to have a Healthcare Power of Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney, Estate Planning, such as a Will, a Trust, and generally Succession Planning for Our Family. In some circumstances, if applicable, Medicaid Planning can no longer be ignored and it becomes increasingly more important to be dealt with “today”. Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Social Security, Medicare, Healthcare Directives, Financial Documents and Long-Term Care are complex areas of the law, which require sound legal advice and representation from an attorney who understands the law, your family needs and has personal family experience with Alzheimer’s devastating effect on the patient and the family. Danda Elder Law understands both the legal ramifications and the family’s desire to understand their personal “new normal”.

Your Needs First

The goal of Danda Elder Law is to serve our clients and their extended families with care, compassion and competency. Families need professional legal advice as well as human respect and dignity in these difficult times. Understanding your needs, and explaining the Elder Care process and available programs in a manner that is accurate, understandable and compassionate is critical to our job.  Danda Elder Law will listen closely to your concerns, desires and fears patiently answer your questions, and provide the advice and legal services you need to plan for the brightest possible future for your family and your senior with the goal to provide the best care possible for your senior first and to leave a financial legacy for his or her family second.

Elder Law is an “umbrella term” for a host of services for our seniors and their families, Danda Elder Law is structured to assist our seniors and their families when they are most in need of help. Call today to schedule your consultation.

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