Estate Planning

Most Americans worked hard all their life.  They bought a home, had a family, raised and educated their children, and still managed to put money away for the future. Our seniors’ biggest fear is that their hard-earned money will go to that political “black hole” known as Washington, DC. Your goal while working was to save money for retirement and leave a legacy for your children. Clearly, all honest hard-working seniors believe in the concept: “I earned it, I paid taxes on it, I saved it, and my money should go to my family.” Your goal then, and even more so now, is to utilize the provisions built into the tax code to your advantage.

With the assistance of the legal profession, seniors have the professional resources necessary to protect and preserve the fruits of their labors. Danda Elder Law was established to help our seniors live a good quality of life in their golden years and to fulfill their dream of leaving a legacy for their children.
After reviewing your personal finances, a Danda Elder Law attorney will make recommends regarding the documents necessary to meet your needs; whether that is a Will, a Trust, or other legal documents to protect and preserve your financial estate.  If you do not have a CPA or Financial Planner, Danda Elder Law will assist you in your search for a professional to provide sound advice regarding federal and state tax laws, rules, and regulations.  It is your money and you require the advice of an individual who knows how to avoid negative tax consequences which may impact the financial legacy you created for your children.

Supporting You

At Danda Elder Law our job is to protect your interests.  First, we listen as you describe your family and financial priorities. After you communicate what is important to you, a Danda Elder Law Estate Planning lawyer will propose a plan designed to meet your stated estate, financial and family preferences. There are no stupid questions. If you have a thought, a comment, a concern or any question, please call the office.
Danda Elder Law and is located in Metro Atlanta. Danda Elder Law works with individuals throughout Georgia who want to protect their financial and legacy assets. There is only one answer that is right for your family and your money. Allow Danda Elder Law to serve as your Estate Planning Attorney implementing your plan for your golden years and for your children.
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