Make Sure Your Asset Is in Good Hands

Retain a trusts attorney in Atlanta, GA

Do you have a valuable asset that you intend to pass down to your kids one day? Until they’re of age, you’ll need a trustee to hold onto the title or manage the trust. The trust attorney at Danda Law Firm can help you through this process.

With over 40 years of experience, we can answer all your questions and create a comprehensive trust that meets all your needs. Schedule a consultation with our elder law firm in Atlanta, GA today to get started.

Trust us to help every step of the way

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A lot of work goes into setting up and managing a trust. Thankfully, you can trust us to stand by your side. Our trusts attorney can:

  • Create your trust
  • Manage the assets in the trust
  • Transfer the title to the beneficiary when the time comes

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